“…Great St Minas save from all danger those who honour you.”

The current school year is of double importance for the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa.

At first, a quarter of century is completed this year since the foundation of the school in 1981. For 25 years the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa runs ministering to the Greek State and to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Its teachers teach the “fear of the Lord” (Prv. 1,7) and they do not give lessons of atheism that make people arrogant, blind them and lead them up to their doom. They take pride in a considerable number of graduates who serve adequately their parishes. The try to fulfill their duties in such a way that the evangelic word: “Those that you gavest me I have kept” (John 17,12). They seek to educate the seminarians, within the bounds of possibility, given that they are adults, to form their characters and in particular to affect them in order that they impel them to “the good fight” (Tim. 4,7).

Of course, this is due not only to human struggles but also to the God’s grace, without which, as constantly the Gospel reminds us, we cannot do anything (John 15,5).

Also, since the bill about the Ecclesiastical Education was voted through and became a law (3432/2006), the situation has changed for all the Ecclesiastical Seminaries of our country and especially for the seminaries like ours, which will be replaced by other schools.

Consequently, the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa has rounded off a stage of activity and it braces itself for a new start.

Fortunately, this coincides with the 25th anniversary of our school. But, regardless of this coincidence, we were preoccupied with how we could celebrate this anniversary. Finally, it seems that in such focal points our thoughts turn to the Great Martyr Saint Minas, who always intercedes with God for us and is the patron saint of our school, which ran all these years under his protection.


So, we decided to record and put in circulation a compact disk with the paracletic canon of St. Minas.


His Grace
the Metropolitan of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala Kyrillos II embraced from the first moment our idea, aided us and supported ardently the undertaking.

He officiated at the service, which was recorded. His participation does honour to our school and it is a blessing for us. We sought after people who are or were in relation with our school to carry out this task. That’s why we called, along with our Metropolitan, the Byzantine music teachers, who taught at our school since his foundation.

During this period the ever memorable Theophanes Fysekes, Mr. Elias Kapelas, who is now Director of the Music High School of Karditsa, the priest of the Holy Church of Sts Constantine and Helene George Stamos, which is the cathedral of Karditsa, and the Byzantine music teacher Evangelos Gikas, who serves in our school the last three years, worked as Byzantine music teachers in our school.

All three accepted with pleasure our invitation.

The outcome of this effort is left now to the judgment of the public. It remains for us to express our thanks to His Grace the Metropolitan of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala Kyrillos II for his interest and love. We thank also the three Byzantine music teachers for their labour and selfless devotion.

We thank as well the teachers of our school, Ms Polyxeni Antonopoulou, Dr. of Divinity, and Ms Demetra Christopoulou, Dr. of Mathematics, for the translation of the supporting material in the English language.


Finally, we express our thanks to the nuns of the Holy Monastery of Panaghia Hodegetria in Portaria of Pelion (Volos, Greece), as they gave their consent for the publication of their holy painting as the disk’s cover.

We are certain that St Minas mediates to the Lord for the remission of their sins.

We wish fervently that St Minas will protect the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa at this juncture so that the celebration of the next 25th anniversary will take place in a period of prosperity and fruitfulness for the school.

On Friday of the Easter Week, 27 April 2006

The Director of the Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa
Christos G. Kalantzis
Degree in History – Degree in Law

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Ecclesiastical Seminary of Karditsa: flash back of 25 years