Short history

Monk Eusebios is an English born Cypriot Monk who acquired The Holy Hut of the Beheading of St. John The Baptist, in Nea Skiti on the Holy Mountain for the past 3 years, in which he had been raising funds from his incense making, his motherís sad demised from a brain tumour led to a collection at her funeral instead of buying flowers, which would die in a matter of days, this raised 2000 pounds sterling as she died in England and other charitable sources to rebuild the deteriated Holy Hut. He made substantial changes in his efforts, a welcoming guestroom, a kitchen, new beams for a new interior upper floor , which half of which were in place, the rest of the beams and floorboards were being stored in the ground floor of the house which was like a storage hallway, new windows and doors, all in all he had made 20,000 euros of improvements.

Tragically on the 25th August a faulty candle that was left unguarded for a time span of 20 minutes was enough to destroy the whole of the main Church building.

25 monks and pilgrims gathered to try and limit the damage to surrounding Holy Cells which was gladly a success, but could do nothing to save Father Eusebios Residence.

Substantial damages were caused up to the region of 100,000 Euros, which included 5000Euros in cash, all his monks clothing, priest's attire, Icons, Holy utensils used in Divine Liturgies, church and house furniture, an Obas Orthopaedic bed specially made for his back problem which he had brought with him from England and many other of his personal belongings.

An onlooker who had a video camera recorded the fire and with the help of old archives Monk Eusebios has managed to put together a CD showing the house before the fire, the actual fire and the resulting damage cause by the disaster, so who ever may be concerned can view it, on this site that was generously donated by some of his close friends.

He is in need of financial help to rebuild the 250 year old Holy Hut of St. John the Baptist in its traditional Holy Mountain way.

There has been a Bank Account opened for this cause and is as follows:

-Marfin Egnatia Bank, Greece. Iban: GR49 0280 1230 0000 0018 4453 420

Or alternately to : Monk Eusebios, I.K. Apotomi T. Prodromou, Nea Skiti, 63087
Holy Mount Athos, Greece. Tel. (0030) 23770-23524 or (0030) 6942974142.

May The Prayers and Blessings of the Holy Virgin Mary in who's Garden the house is situated and to the Saint to whom it is commemorated to St. John the Baptist be with you all.

God Bless.